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For every moment that challenges recovery, reset.

Recovery is a round-the-clock struggle. X Prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) can be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet. They are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are available by prescription only. Prescription digital therapeutics reSET-O, for people with X Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is the misuse of opioids. opioid use disorder , and reSET, for people with X Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is caused by the repeated use of alcohol and/or drugs. substance use disorder , provide 24/7 access to therapy, helping them feel more connected in the moments that matter most.1,2

Proven Effective

Improve the impact of outpatient therapy using evidence-based techniques such as X Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) includes one-on-one counseling. It has been demonstrated to be effective for patients with OUD and SUD.  cognitive behavioral therapy , X Contingency Management (CM) programs use rewards to reinforce positive behaviors of patients with SUD and OUD. contingency management , and X An educational approach shown to promote learning and improve both short-term and long-term retention of materials. Questions are asked multiple times with slight variation of wording each time, requiring the patient to understand each concept rather than memorizing the correct answer. fluency training .1,2

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24/7 Access

With lessons, reinforcement, and encouragement at their fingertips, patients don’t have to feel alone in recovery—and clinicians can better bridge gaps in care.1,2

How It Works

Powerful Clinician Dashboard

Make the most of in-office sessions and inform treatment decisions with real-time data on cravings and triggers, plus insights into program engagement.1,2

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