reSET is the first and only FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic to treat substance use disorder (SUD) in conjunction with outpatient clinician-delivered treatment 1, 2

  • Adding reSET to outpatient therapy significantly improved abstinence in drug use and significantly improved treatment retention vs outpatient therapy alone2

  • Offers 12 weeks (90 days) of cognitive behavioral therapy, fluency learning, and contingency management via smartphone or tablet to complement your face-to-face sessions2

  • Enables you to monitor patient’s engagement, appointment compliance, triggers, and cravings through an online clinician dashboard2

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Important Safety Information

Warnings: reSET is intended for patients whose primary language is English and who have access to an Android/iOS tablet or smartphone. reSET is intended only for patients who own a smartphone and are familiar with use of smartphone apps (applications).

Clinicians should not use reSET to communicate with their patients about emergency medical issues. Patients should be clearly instructed not to use reSET to communicate to their clinician any urgent or emergent information. reSET is not to be used for emergencies. In case of an emergency, patients should dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

reSET is not intended to be used as a stand-alone therapy for substance use disorder (SUD) and does not replace care by a licensed medical practitioner. reSET does not represent a substitution for a patient's medication. Patients should continue to take their medications as directed by their physician or medical provider.

The long-term benefit of treatment with reSET on abstinence has not been evaluated in studies lasting beyond 12-weeks in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) population. The ability of reSET to prevent potential relapse after treatment discontinuation has not been studied.

Indications for Use

reSET is intended to provide cognitive behavioral therapy, as an adjunct to a contingency management system, for patients 18 years of age and older who are currently enrolled in outpatient treatment under the supervision of a clinician. reSET is indicated as a 12 week (90 days) prescription-only treatment for patients with substance use disorder (SUD), who are not currently on opioid replacement therapy, who do not abuse alcohol solely, or who do not abuse opioids as their primary substance of abuse.

It is intended to:

  • increase abstinence from a patient’s substances of abuse during treatment, and
  • increase retention in the outpatient treatment program.

Please see Clinician Brief Summary Instructions for reSET.

Important Safety Information