Results of a 12-week reSET-O study1



Adding reSET-O to outpatient treatment as usual (TAU) including buprenorphine increased retention of patients with OUD 20% at the end of the 12-week trial:

  • 68.4% with TAU (n=79) vs 82.4% with TAU + reSET-O (n=91);

bar chart: reSET-O retention rate by treatment group bar chart: reSET-O retention rate by treatment group

The observed adverse events were of a type and frequency to be anticipated in a large population of patients with OUD or associated with buprenorphine pharmacotherapy, particularly during the induction phase.

The adverse events observed were not adjudicated to be device related.

Retention rate: Relative change defined as (82.4-68.4)/68.4 = 20% (reSET-O).

§TAU included in-person administration of buprenorphine and a face-to-face visit with a clinician every other week. The desktop-based Therapeutic Education System, which has equivalent content to reSET-O, was used.